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At F & F Bathrooms & Gardens, we deliver a wide range of wall panels at the low prices.

From our value range to the latest designs, our wall panels compete with the look of tiles or stone and are versatile enough to decorate any room.

Why choose wall panels?

Wall panels let you change the look of your room in a fast and cost-effective manner. If you were tiling, you would need to worry about extensive preparation or grouting, but wall panels remove this hassle and expense.

Wall panels cover existing tiles and with a tongue and groove finish. It’s an easy process. A DIY enthusiast could do it, no problem. With no need for grouting, maintenance is simple, and you can be confident that your new look will last for a long time.

Over recent years, wall panels have evolved to offer a broad variety of styles. From finishes like the traditional sparkle to metallic or a stone effect.

Find out more about wall panels

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